Frequently Asked Questions About Manic Depressive Symptoms

Whenever I tell people that my life is like that of a Disney Princess, they all seem fascinated by me. They think that I am a real-life princess who just found out I am one, or I have always known that I am a princess and just hiding my identity from other people. However, when I say that I lived like Rapunzel before Flynn Rider found her, I would see their smiles slowly leave their faces as the reality would dawn on them.


I Was A Prisoner, And I Did Not Know It

I grew up in a small property at the bottom of a mountain. Since the beginning, I noticed that I did not look anything like the parents that I knew. I remembered asking them why I was brown-skinned while they were both as fair as snow, and they told me that it was because they adopted me from an orphanage in India. After all, they could not have a child of their own. I was pretty contented with their response, so I did not ask about it again. Besides, they cared for me deeply and gave me everything I asked for and more.

The main thing that I was not allowed to do was leave the property. My parents told me that it was scary out there for “kids of color” like me. To make sure I was always supervised, they would take turns going to town to buy our supplies and food for the animals. As for my studies,  I did not really get enrolled in a school, but they would always bring books appropriate for my age and teach me everything from math to science, art, and even history. Because of that, I would say that I did not really miss out. I had no access to children’s TV shows, so I assumed that’s how every kid lived in the world.

Learning The Truth By Chance

As soon as I became a teenager, my parents became more confident about going out of the property together, leaving me on my own. They would give me different tasks to keep me busy while they were gone to get bored. However, I thought of turning on the TV and flipping through all the channels one afternoon. It was another activity that I was not allowed to do when they were present, but I guess it was the rebellious child me that did it anyway.

As if by miracle, I came across a news channel. My eyes instantly fixated on the image of an infant who got kidnapped from a daycare center when she was only a year old. Her pictures flashed on the screen with a message that her parents were still not giving up on finding her.

My heart started thumping so hard in my chest; I thought it was gonna come out. I knew what I looked like, after all. I knew that I was the baby in those pictures. I couldn’t wrap my head around the idea that I was kidnapped instead of adopted, as I wasn’t originally made to believe. So, I fled right away.

I had never been out of the property ever, but I knew which way my parents – or should I say kidnappers now? – would always take. I followed that path but made sure to stay off the road to avoid coming across them. When I reached the town, I went straight to the police station and asked them to contact the broadcasting channel that showed my baby pictures. I was glad that they acted immediately and searched the property where I was held captive for 13 years.


When I finally met my biological parents, I realized how many milestones we missed in each others’ lives. We cried for hours, and my parents insisted that we should sleep in one room that night as they feared that I would get abducted again. But despite living with my kidnappers for years, all my affection for them vanished. It was even replaced with anger when the two confessed to their crime and reasoned that they did it because they felt lonely.

How does loneliness kill?

Loneliness can be a very overwhelming emotion for many people, especially when it becomes chronic and persistent. A group of researchers has found that loneliness can increase the risk of a heart attack by up to 40 percent. Apart from this, the study also states that the chances of sudden death increase by 50 percent. 

What does it mean to be emotionally isolated?

The basic definition of emotional isolation is when a person can function in social groups or networks. However, they still feel as if they cannot connect with people on an emotional level. In most cases, emotionally isolated people tend to feel quite lonely, and they are most likely unable to communicate with other people. There are also cases when a person emotionally isolates themselves as a defense mechanism to protect themselves from emotional distress.

Why does isolation cause insanity?

A group of researchers had found that after a few hours of being isolated, a person can experience a distorted perception of reality. Concepts such as time, hallucinations, and anxiety are distorted, which is why reality changes the longer you are isolated. After all, humans are social beings, and we require a certain amount of social interaction to keep our minds at bay. 

Is exercise as effective as an antidepressant?

The great thing about doing an intense physical activity like an exercise routine is that it provides many health benefits, including a mood boost. Exercise promotes the release of endorphins, or happy hormones, which makes a person feel better. And so, the risk of depression is low. But a person who is having severe depression needs the assistance of a psychiatrist and antidepressants, together with exercise.

Does exercise help anxiety and depression?

In a study published in May of 2017, it has been found that exercise and antidepressants are at an equal level of effectiveness in treating depression and anxiety. Also, when we add exercise to the treatment of a person going through depression, chances of healing at a faster rate can increase. Although research published does not promote exercise as a stand-alone form of mental illness treatment, you must follow a treatment plan that can be long-lasting, combined with exercise benefits. 

Why is exercise an antidepressant?

Exercise can facilitate nerve growth in our hippocampus, an area in our brain that focuses on our limbic system, which improves the connections in our nerve cells found to relieve depression among people. Researchers have also found that team sports can elevate our moods more than other activities, and when our spirits are elevated, the risk for depression decreases at the same time. However, exercise should not be a stand-alone treatment for depression as researchers still do not believe this can be used. 


How does exercise affect your mental health?

Studies show that our mental health is also being taken care of when we take care of our bodies. Exercise has been found to give us a better mental state by reducing our anxieties, depression, and foul moods. Exercise can also improve our self-esteem and cognitive functions, making us think clearer and make decisions better. Also, exercise has been found to alleviate low self-esteem, social anxiety, and social isolation. 

What is the best natural antidepressant?

Natural means of healing are always a good alternative for wanting to be medicated for a mental illness, especially if we find antidepressants a little out of our budget. There are numerous plants, herbs, and other food that we can use as natural antidepressants, which we can easily find. These plants are St John’s Wort, Omega 3 fatty acid, saffron, folate, and zinc. All these natural sources can be used as a natural antidepressant, but of course, the best one will depend on the person’s bodily reactions.

What type of exercise is best for anxiety?

There are many different physical activities or exercises that we can do to help with our anxieties. Some of these activities are swimming, biking, running, walking, tennis, and dancing. Of course, the best exercise will still depend on what makes your serotonin levels increase, and whichever exercise it is, that makes you feel good about yourself afterward. The point of exercising is taking care of our body, and the more we release sweat and stress, the less anxiety we have in our body.

How long does it take for exercise to improve mood?

According to the article published by the American Psychological Association, it can take only five minutes of exercise or physical activity for a person’s mood to enhance. As one of the researchers has pointed out in the article published, the connection between exercise and mood enhancement can be pretty strong, so it is no wonder that when we exercise, we feel a sense of happiness or productivity right after even if we might feel tired afterward.

What gets rid of anxiety?

We can do different things to try and calm ourselves when experiencing anxiety. Some are pretty physical, and some are as simple as just taking deep breaths. What you can try to do is when we feel anxious, we can take a deep breath and count to 10. You can also start eating well-balanced meals and exercising daily, even for at least 10 to 15 minutes a day. Also, try to limit your caffeine and alcohol intake to avoid any panic attacks that may stem from this. 

Does walking help with anxiety?

Simple tasks such as biking, dancing, or even a simple brisk walk is a powerful tool that helps us be in a better mood. Psychologists have been studying how walking can affect our mental health for a while now. So far, they have discovered that a ten-minute walk might be as effective as a 45-minute workout. In other studies, exercise has been shown to quickly uplift our moods, switching from our depressive states to a happier and healthier mood.

How can I improve my mental health?

Multiple studies have shown a strong link between our mental and physical health. So when we take care of our physical bodies by eating healthy, exercising, and drinking enough water, we also take care of our mental health. We can do for our mental health to choose to do whatever it is that makes us happy. If journaling or singing, or drawing, or whatever it is, make us happy, then go ahead and do it. An increase in our serotonin levels can help balance our moods and help decrease our mental illness risk. 

Does exercise help stress?

What exercise can do is it can boost the production of your endorphins or your feel-good hormones. Apart from the fact that exercise can help you with your physical health and self-worth, when we exercise, the more endorphins are produced, and the more endorphins produced, the less stressed we feel. So when our bodies start feeling better, our minds do too. So keep exercising, and you might feel healthier throughout. 

Does exercise increase serotonin? 

In some studies that we recently published, it has been found that exercise can actually increase our production of serotonin and also the release of it. Even the simplest of exercises like biking, walking, or jogging can increase our serotonin levels. The more we exercise, the more we release serotonin.


How do you know if someone is manic-depressive?

There are seven signs of mania that we can look out for in other people. These seven signs can characterize manic depression, so make sure that you are careful with these symptoms. We have overly happy periods, a reduced need for rest, fast-paced talking, impulsiveness, becoming easily distracted, sudden overconfidence in our abilities, and a sudden engagement in risky behavior that was never an issue before. So, keep an eye on those who have the highest moods and suddenly the lowest of periods.

How long do manic and depressive episodes last?

Usually, mania can last up to four months. A depressive episode can go as long as eight months. Treatment is needed for people with these disorders.

Is Manic Depressive the same as bipolar?

The term “manic depressive” used to be what Bipolar Disorder is now. So, yes, it is the same. Bipolar disorder is a mental health issue that displays extreme mood swings from high episodes (mania) to low attacks (depression).

 How do you deal with a manic depressive?

To be thorough, here are ways to deal with a manic-depressive loved one.

  1. Education and awareness
  2. Listening to that person
  3. Reassuring the person that you are there for him and that he or she has positive qualities
  4. Assist them during therapy, however necessary
  5. Create a plan of action whenever an extreme mood manifests
  6. Be supportive and never pushy
  7. Be caring and understanding
  8. Take care of yourself too
  9. Stay positive and be patient with the person
  10. Ask help from a professional if it gets too much.

Can a bipolar person truly love?

People with mental health issues are human beings, and they deserve to feel love and be in love. But their extreme mood swings can negatively affect their romantic relationships. Treatment is necessary to get them healthy. 

 What are the four types of bipolar?

There are four types of bipolar disorder – bipolar I disorder, bipolar II disorder, cyclothymic disorder, and bipolar disorder caused by substance use.

Final Thoughts

I could never bring back the years that my kidnappers stole from me. I learned that they both had manic depression, and they would be rotting in a mental health facility for what they did to me. Instead of dwelling on that, I enrolled at an alternative learning school and went to a class for the first time. My new dream was to become a law enforcer and always look out for predatory people who lurked around children. This way, I could help ensure that they would not have the same fate as I did.