Ways of Reducing Stress When Raising A Defiant Teen

This is the reality: no parent has ever said that raising a teenager is a walk in the park. It is indeed a responsibility that demands time, patience, and a lot of love. Obviously, it is a stressful phase in a parent’s life. 

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For this reason, we have listed a collection of some of the best stress management strategies according to some experts, to help parents deal with their stresses and enable them to raise their teens smoothly and appropriately.


Important Strategies That Parents Can Follow



  • Always Be Physically And Mentally Well. This means that a parent should practice good daily habits like eating healthy, exercising, and taking care of herself. A teenager is already a handful, what more if you have a defiant one. You must be strong in mind and body to be able to show tough love and an open mind to understand your teen. 


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  • Be In The Now. Stress usually involves worry – worry about what happened to your teen last night when he got home drunk, or about how to hurt you were when he shouted at you because you reprimanded him about his low grades. And then our anticipation of what’s about to happen weighs us further down, dampening our spirit and leading us to anxiety and depression. 



Psychiatrists often recommend that parents try to tune in to the present and think of ways to solve or reduce the problems instead of dwelling in the past or future. This has been proven to decrease stress levels and allows one to come up with better solutions. Francoise Adan, Connor Integrative Health Network’s medical director, says, “When you are stressed, you are not really in the present. And when you’re not in the present, you’re just all over the place.”


How To Be In Tune With The Present



  • Utilize Your Senses. Find time to be alone in your home or office, and listen to yourself – to how you feel, what you’re craving to eat, what kind of music would relax you right now, or perhaps where you would love to go. This increases good vibes within yourself and encourages you to face your defiant teen with a clear mind. 




  • Control Your Breaths. According to experts, controlled breathing encourages one to get rid of her bad thoughts. When you breathe in for a few seconds, you welcome good energy and expel the bad when you exhale for a good six seconds. When you master this, you can progress to doing meditation or yoga. Who knows, your teen might just want to join. 


Be Positive. Yes, being hopeful that your teen is just going through his normal phase does help in managing your stress levels. It pushes you to be extra patient with him, guiding him along the way while being stern with your decisions when he defies unreasonably. Showing your teen that you are hopeful about how things will go might also give him hope and a positive outlook in life.

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Other Useful Strategies


A more convenient way to help you learn more about handling your defiant teen and reducing your stress levels is finding parents who also have teens themselves. Every parent has different ways of handling teenagers, and listening to them and joining in on their conversations can help you a great deal. 


Finally, perhaps you need to realize that you don’t have to do everything for your teenager. He is, after all, a teenager. He can do the laundry, wash the dishes, or run some errands. Sometimes, parents have a hard time letting go of their responsibilities that they become too overwhelmed with all that they’re doing on a daily basis. Share the load with your teen. This way, you are also encouraging him to become responsible and self-reliant. 

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