What Kind Of Parent Calls The Police On Their Child? Part 2

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Do you want an honest answer to that question? What do you think prompts some parents to call the authorities on their crazy, vicious and crime-prone kids? If their lives are at stake, if they see their violent child is insane, and if their other children are going to get hurt, then, IT IS UNDERSTANDABLE TO CALL THE POLICE ON YOUR TROUBLED TEEN. It’s not your fault that they are like that, and so don’t blame yourself.


I heard a story from my mother years ago about her co-worker. The woman divorced her husband because he called the police on the 16-year-old daughter. You ask, what did the daughter do, right? Well, she beat up her 14-year-old brother who was in the spectrum. The boy had autism. It was bad.


The whole situation was disheartening. No wonder the parents saw it fit to divorce. But was it the right thing to do? What about their daughter? The abused son was hurting too, was he not? And he has autism too. He needed help. It’s just so messed up and I wouldn’t dream of it happening to our family

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Phoning The Police Should Be The Last Option.


Calling the authorities should be a parent’s last optionwhen their child is violent and destructive. They should try to settle the situation first since they are the best people who can deal with their child’s bad behavior. But when it goes out of hand, like physical violence and mouthing threats, police intervention is necessary. 


The 911 dispatch receives numerous distress calls involving parent-child conflicts. It is often that the aggressor is the child who is suffering mental health disorder like depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, PTSD, or drug and alcohol abuse. In cases like this, instead of sending the child to prison, the accused teen will be admitted to a mental institution. 


It is also true that if the offenders are below 18 years old, they will be sent to mental health institutions instead. But whatever the reason may be for the distress call, most parents regret doing so afterwards. You should not regret it because sending your child to jail or a psychiatric facility will shape him up. Well, most of them get a second chance in life, at least. 


Youth Services: 50% Of The Kids Are Angry, While The Other 50 Is Grateful


Most of the kids who were taken away by the police felt resentment towards their parents. This leads to the strained relationship between the parent and the child. They are initially scared of what will happen to them, and then they feel abandoned afterwards. The kids will also develop feelings of hatred towards their parents. They are excluding the fact that they have become harmful not only to themselves but to others as well. 


However, there are also other kids who appreciate their parents’ action in the end. These are the kids who saw the positive result of their parent’s sacrifices by sending them to jail. 


How To Prevent This From Happening


To avoid this heartbreaking scenario, here are some things to remember: 


If you are witnessing borderline mood swings from your child, then it is best that you act on it immediately. Contact mental health experts if you have suspicion that your child is experiencing psychological problems.

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What to Do If You Need To Call The Police: 


  • Stay calm and provide the important facts to the 911 dispatcher.
  • Be specific. Tell the dispatcher if your child needs mental health care services.
  • Make sure that you tell the dispatcher everything before the authorities arrive at the scene. 


Once the authorities arrive, brief the officer of what happened. Include all details such as if the child is taking medications. You can also ask some tips on how to control the kid in severe situations. Make sure that you know the arresting officer’s name.


Calling the police on your child is very hard. But things are needed to be done for the betterment of everybody. The process is not easy at all, but you need to protect yourself and your family. The people around you must be protected from your violent child as well. 


If having a troubled child will cause issues in your marriage, then it’s something that you and your spouse need to discuss. Divorcing at a time like this will not help everyone in the family. Maybe for the time being, it would be best to maintain a unified front until such time when the child is stable. By then, you can talk about pushing through with the divorce or not.

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