What Kind Of Parent Calls The Police On Their Child? Part 1

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Parents calling the authorities to have their kids arrested is entirely off. Sending their most precious child away to jail is something most parents would never do. However, such violent incidents are already taking its toll. With what the teens are capable of doing these days, it’s not a wonder if they’ll become criminals when they grow older. 


It is never easy, but your kid’s destructive behavior has reached the limits. Soon enough, he will put other people’s lives at risk if you don’t do something about it. Well, some parents did the unbearable. Below are stories of families who called the police and had their child arrested.


Did it break up their marriage? It almost did, but it’s not about them. The whole issue is about their troubled child.

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Jane and Michael Smith – Bullying Can Turn A Happy Child To A Troubled Teen


Michael Smith was once a happy child. But the conflict started when some kids at his school started bullying him. Since then, he changed into a temperamental boy who is often moody and angry. He started hanging out with the wrong crowd and later, breaking the rules in school and at home. 


The calling of the authorities came about when Michael was so enraged with his mother for not allowing his friends to visit. The boy punched holes on their walls which alarmed Jane. Police did not arrest him, but the visit served as a warning. 


After that incident, Michael ran away. Days later Jane received news that Michael was arrested for a gun pellet incident. He was released on bail. After that disgraceful event, another situation occurred. Michael was requested to attend a family occasion which he didn’t like. He got so angry and attempted to hurt his mother. Jane called 911, and the authorities came. 


At that time, Michael was furious with his mother that he declared that he wouldn’t talk to her as long as he lives. As a consequence of his action, he was sentenced to an open-custody institution for several months. 


Now, the worst is over. Michael is back for good behavior and has already graduated high school. He has a girlfriend and a stable job. All his mother’s pain and sacrifice finally paid off. Michael is grateful. 


Sue and John Clark –Chronic Anxiety Disorder Makes A Teen Problematic


John, for some reason, turned into a bitter and angry child. He’s always fighting with his brother, refuses to go to school and is keeping everyone on their toes at night. The teen was then diagnosed with chronic anxiety disorder. His family sought help from a child psychologist, but to no avail, since the said therapist was fully booked. A crisis worker once suggested that John should be locked up in a psychiatric facility for treatment, but the family refused to comply. 


It was until one morning when Sue finally gave up. John threatened his mother who was about to leave the house for work that day. The teen said he would trash the house down once she steps out. Sue, feeling scared and trapped, called the authorities. 


Sue felt guilty for her actions, but something had to be done. What she did was the best decision she ever made. Now, John is back to school and undergoing therapy. 


Tony and Joe Hill – An Autoimmune Disease Affects A Teen’s Mental Health


At 16, Joe was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that affected his nervous system. His mental ability decreased significantly, as well. With this, he stopped attending his classes, was angry all the time, and also taking drugs. Joe became a slob too and didn’t take a bath most days. One day, Tony (Joe’s father), had to call 911 because of his wrongdoings. 


The authorities were called to assist in an incident which took place during a family event. Joe cut himself in front of his siblings, and because of what happened, he was confined in a hospital instead of in jail.

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Similar incidents happened after that and Tony reports his son whenever he gets out of control. The police would put him in jail wherein Joe would hurt himself while confined in bars. It was sad.


Joe was in and out of rehabilitation centers and psychiatric institutions. With the lack of facilities and equipment, his treatment was always cut short. He was also denied housing because of his behavior. 



If you were Jane, Sue, and Tony, would you call the police on your teens? This situation is not ideal at all, but if your violent teen, you, and his siblings are in danger, there’s no other option. It is the last resort, then. 


The next part of this article will talk about the facts on calling the police on your kids and more.

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