Warning Signs Of A Child With A Criminal Mind, A Psychiatrist Reveals

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It is quite reasonable for a very young child to have an attitude. The whole thing is called the rebellion phase. It is during this phase wherein the child contradicts your rules and will reason out with you. But when this behavior becomes consistent and is already causing troubles within your home, it should not be taken for granted. 


Several factors can affect a child’s behavior and even his outlook on life. Thus, parents should be cautious about what they say and how they act around and to their children. Little acts may be traumatic, and a child can develop mental health issues like a psychotic break or manifest a criminal mind.


The common factors to this kind of behavior are as follows: being exposed to a criminal environment, being bullied in school, poor self-perception and more. It is vital that you know the red flags of a child with criminal instincts. Some of these warning signs were stated by Dr. Dennis Embry of Paxis Institute published by CNN.

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Brain Development


Professionals believe that having an underdeveloped brain, like the prefrontal cortex and amygdala, can lead someone to develop criminal instincts. 


Outbursts Of Anger


A child having extreme anger problems is also a sign. This anger is in the form of outbursts that vary from time to time. 


Acts Of Defiance


Being unreasonably defiant is indeed abnormal. Once taken for granted, the child can have mental and emotional problems. 


No Concept Of Fear 


Kids who are entirely not afraid of danger potentially have this criminal streak in them. Violent criminals, according to studies, have difficulty in determining a possible hazard that is why they have the guts to do something so fatal and drastic. 


No Empathy Towards Others 


Being inconsiderate of other’s feelings may lead to not caring for other people. Children with such behavior can adopt this and will do harmful things because they are unable to identify the act of hurting others. 


Violent Towards Peers


Many studies revealed that being violent is a sure indicator that a child has mental health issues. Once this problem is brushed off by the parents, it can elevate into much higher aggression which can potentially lead to criminal doings. 


Violence Towards Animals


Kids with the said indicators are found to be violent towards animals. Since they have no remorse for doing bad things to other people, it is then expected that they do the same with animals. 


History Of Being Bullied


A child that is being bullied will develop low self-esteem, low self-perception, and low social skills. They also have this suppressed anger on the kids who bullied them. Once this anger is untreated, it can develop into a more profound emotional pain which can lead one into an uncontrollable rage coupled with a psychiatric problem. 


Unable To Communicate


According to studies, people with this issue have difficulty when it comes to communicating. They have speech disorders and usually get messages wrong. 


Social Withdrawal And Depression


Depression is a silent killer. Kids with this condition can hurt themselves and the people around them. 


Fascination With Weapons


Weapons like guns, knives, bombs and the likes are the standard tools used by criminals when they break the law. Thus, kids being obsessed with them are inclined to use the real ones when given a chance. 


InterestWith Fire


Getting interested in a fire, how it starts and spreads – for no reason – is indeed alarming. Such will give your child an idea on how to use it that can hurt other people. 




Bedwetting means that your child has experienced something traumatic. Once this trauma is not dealt with, it can lead to that aggressive feeling of committing a crime. 


Making Threats


Making severe threats is not healthy for a child. You need to take it seriously, or else the child will have that thinking that it is okay to threaten anyone and maybe do it one day for real. 


Pathological Lying


Consistent lying is usually linked to psychiatric disorders, and these mental health issues are present in people who have done something heinous. Thus, if your child is fond of telling lies, it is best to get to the bottom of it fast.

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Getting Help


Once you cannot control your child anymore and you have sought professional help from a psychiatrist, then you know that your child is in big trouble. In cases like this, you need to listen carefully to what your doctor has to say to help your child get out of the “potential criminal” situation. 


Having criminal indicators is indeed alarming. That’s why it is best that you address this issue head-on and get professional help for your child at once. It will not only save your child but others as well.

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