Woes Of A Single Parent: Disciplining Teenagers At Their Rebellious Stage

Being a parent, much more a single parent, is never a natural role. Your children will be your forever responsibility starting the minute they were born or even the day you realized you were expecting. While it is the hardest job one can get, it is also the most rewarding and most fulfilling of all. 

More often than not, the bearings and responsibilities of a single parent are way more massive than anyone. Single parents have to balance their attention, time, and energy to discipline their kids while making sure to keep a roof over their children’s heads and put food on the family table every day.  

If the hardships of having a baby or infant only involve changing diapers and feeding him, the challenges of having a teenager revolve around his or her curiosity about the world. Consider the latter as your sign of entering a new and another kind of parenting. 

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How would you know if your kid/s is/are on the rebellious stage? 

Teenagers are most commonly found at this stage of life.  Others would call this the teenage rebellion years. These years are when parents would notice the somewhat frequent ‘opposition’ of the child. This is the time when the child seems to be very attracted and at the same time overwhelmed of the world outside the home. 

Psychologists state that this stage occurs mostly in adolescents aged 9 to 13 years old. Children at this stage of rebellion would often challenge the authority of the parent. They are noticeably trying to be independent and do things the way they deem right.

Source: parenting-journals.com

Your teens will try to associate more with their peers. The worst thing that you may notice is the teen’s unexpected negative behavior and bad habits experimentation (such as smoking, drinking, maxing the curfew, even trying drugs). 

What is the proper way of disciplining them? 

As the sole head and light of the home, you have to practice the right leadership when it comes to disciplining your children. Your children comprise your team. Be your own home’s boss.

Be firm with your own decisions. If it’s already lights out, then it lights out. As the only parent left, you already know what your kid is yet to know and experience. Never hesitate to voice out some “No.” 

Don’t control them too much. Know your kids’ peers and let your child go out with them once in awhile. But never forget giving instructions such as keeping the phone with him or her all the time and reinforcing strict curfew times. Once in awhile, let your young teen’s peers hang out in your place so you could watch and observe your child’s social behavior at a safe distance.

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Have a regular family day. Consider going out with your kids even once or twice a month as if having a mini vacation. Your young teens will be more open to you. Treat them as your best friends for the day.

Give praises, compliments, and awards. Surprise your children whenever they do something right. Young teens would want to make a name for themselves too so why not start at your own home? Aside from being grateful, the thought of doing good just for the sake of it can be etched on their minds.


Your children are growing. In fact, they are already teenagers before you even realize it. Don’t wait for the worst thing to happen. You are the sole authority that matters to your kids. Practice command and proper control. 

Being a single parent is hard, yes. Moreover, you also need to be in charge of the financial, mental, physical, and emotional aspect of your home. But ranking them in priority, your children will always be in the first spots.


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