Teaching Our Youth in Juvenile Detention, What Are They Learning?

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When you send a youth to juvenile detention it takes the place of everything in their life. They go to school in the facility, play, and do most of the things that a normal youth would, like chores, right there in the same building. But what are they actually learning in that facility when they start their education? Well, that depends on a number of things including the youth themselves, their school and the facility that they are in.

Reaching the School

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The youth that are in juvenile detention are actually at the mercy of their school when it comes to setting up their classes and what they’re going to be learning and doing while they are in the facility. The staff will get ahold of the teachers at their home school and will then get any information they possibly can from those teachers including homework and other assignments. This is the best case scenario and allows the youth to keep up with their classmates and jump right back into their normal environment when they are released again. But this isn’t always the case and even when it is, the youth may face other problems. 

A Lack of Support

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Though there are a number of staff members in the facility, very few will have the training to act as a true teacher and therefore may have difficulty in providing the youth themselves with assistance if they have problems. All of this can result in difficulty for a youth who doesn’t quite understand what they’re doing or that is getting into information that isn’t familiar to them. All of this can result in difficulty when the youth returns to their home school and even in getting assignments done while in the facility, which is required for their stay.

Youth require additional help when they are working on homework assignments, of the type that they would otherwise be able to get from teachers and even additional tutoring services. What this means is that youth are not receiving what they should in the way of education. There needs to be something else done to help them and make sure that their education continues in a positive way so they are prepared for everything that they need to succeed in their schooling, which is one of the most important things for a child. 


Moving Forward

Having true teachers in the facility, who are trained in a range of different age groups and different needs in the way of courses. If the youth are not able to get the training and advice that they need it’s going to be very difficult for them to continue on with their schooling because they won’t have the foundation that the rest of their friends have. Youth detention facilities need to take this into consideration and make sure that the teachers they have in the classrooms are actual teachers and that they can provide the youth with high quality education.

Keeping in mind that there are so many youth of different ages and different school levels in the room, it can be difficult to have a teacher who can help with so many different things, but it’s going to be absolutely crucial for them to do so. After all, those youth are dependent on the staff within the facility to keep them prepared for the rest of their life and all of the things that are going on outside of the facility. A teacher is one of the first things that they need and one of the most important to their success after leaving. 

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