A Sound Advice for Teens on Lifestyle Change

Today, where everything seems to be within your reach and so much information is handled over the internet pathway, it is particularly a very hard life to live especially for those in the adolescent phase.

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Admit it. Not everyone, especially your parents, appreciates your dyed orange hair and the ripped jeans you bought at a steep price that has slashed your monthly allowance to its meager amount.  From your end, you can’t decipher if the looks that are shot your way when you walk in the room are all good or the exact opposite of it. You tend to question yourself if you were born on the right decade, eh?

How it was before you were born…

Parents have all the right to scold you and teach you of the right direction, and that is away from all the hype of the generation. Philosophers call it generation gap and the truth is that things have evolved so much. Your parents time is much different from your time – this is a fact.

We were taught at home and in school that we should obey our parents, and that we should conform to the norms of the society. You would like to do things your way, but it should be in a way that would not make you stand out for all the wrong reasons. 

In the past decades, we also had our own share of ripped jeans and shorts, but in contrast to today’s fab where shorts have become at its shortest and ripped jeans have merely a thread to hang on to, our jeans are ripped at the right places and our shorts are at modest lengths having always believed that you have to leave something for their imagination. 

Alcohol and other vices…

Having a night out with your friends is necessary to de-stress and unwind as long as you have done your part at school and not at its expense. 

A lot of clubs begin the fun fare at 10 in the evening until sunrise offering a variety of drinks and booze that at a newbies sight is near heaven. Careful, though. These cocktails are made with a mixture and a splash of several alcoholic beverages that can make you feel dizzy after several shots. You have to learn to identify the difference between social drinking and a drinking habit that’ll last a lifetime. For sure that at one point in your life, you have seen a faraway relative suffer the ill effects to drinking. So, hold your horses and think a hundredfold before taking that next shot of margarita in your hand. Not only will it have a long term effect to your body, it will also have an effect on your memory and your ability to concentrate since alcohol depletes your brain of glucose, which is necessary for it to function well.

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Also, if you frequent these clubs, some of them do not prohibit smoking within their premises. Oh boy, you may not be smoking yourself, but the ill effects of being able to inhale the smoke inside the club beats the effects of you smoking that cigar. In the recent statistics released by the American College of Chest Physicians (ACCP), lung cancer ranks 2nd in the overall morbidity and mortality of people worldwide and the majority of that statistic is caused by smoking. Both smokers and secondhand smokers have an equal risk of developing lung cancer with just a stick per day and with just a whiff of vape regardless of the flavor, kidding aside. 

Other than the things that we have just discussed above on why you should avoid drinking, the next dreaded complication of drinking is intoxication. You don’t know what will happen to you while heavily intoxicated since it is very difficult to control your senses. It is always a good thing to have someone you trust by your side the moment you pick up that first shot glass; just to watch over you and prevent you from making a fool out of yourself. 

To dye or not to dye

Sure, there is nothing wrong with dyeing your hair, but do so with a color that doesn’t say “Hey, I want some attention”. Forgive me for being so upfront about this but loud colors just say I’m walking in the room and I’m right here. It’s good to have that attention for the right reasons like doing good in school, appreciating your talents and skills, forming new hobbies and the likes.

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Dyeing has some ill effects on your locks. It causes the hair to lose the keratin and oil which is being produced at a regular basis. It also makes you prone to dandruff because of excessive dryness and with that, you don’t want white speckles of dandruff on your LBD, right? LBD is short for little black dress, if you don’t know.

Always remember that your parents just want what is best for you. Generation gap or not, it is always best to take good care of yourself and preserve your body. Consider it as a holy ground wherein you have to keep it clean all of the time. You owe it to yourself, to your parents and most of all to the One who created you. 


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