Reasons Behind Troubled Teens

It has come to our attention lately that several criminal behaviors like shooting incidents at school that resulted to taking of quite a lot of innocent lives, were made by troubled teens. This pattern of behavior starts to be unbecoming for teenagers nowadays that made us think and look for reasons behind the minds of troubled teens.


The adolescent period seems to be the most complex stage of development wherein the teenager finds him/herself in a crossroad struggling to find and confront his/her real self and at the same time establishing relationships with other peers. It is expected that many adolescents are emotionally labile. They often experience mood swings and without any apparent reasons would resort to rebellion or acting out behaviors.

Identified causes

One thing is for sure – there is no single cause to relate or link why teenagers tend to become irrational and troubled. It could be an interplay of the many factors that is happening around him or her that will lead to his current state of mind and behavior. 



Studies show that familial support or the presence of both parental figures are critical to the emotional development of the adolescent. Those who have experienced separation from any parental figure tend to become more erratic and would choose peers or will look for an adult that will serve as role model and guardian. It would be pleasant to know if the group of persons they seek attention to are able to provide effective role modeling. The problem would rest on bad role modelling behaviors; hence, adolescents will follow and imbibe values and practices that could affect their psychological state.


To reinforce the statement, peer group influence and pressure to belong in a group can also contribute to teen problems. As Erik Erikson explained, there is a constant search for being recognized during the adolescent period. This seeking of attention often leads to negative influences and inadvertent challenges that could only prove one’s loyalty to the group.

It is also apparent the great influence of internet technology to the adolescents nowadays. Teenagers engage more on virtual reality games that are getting more violent and darker in themes and contents. These aspects of the world wide web entertainment have been linked to aggressive and callous behaviors.

Is there a remedy for troubled teens?

Managing a troubled teen is not like taking a pill to lower down temperature or fighting a cold overnight. It will take a certain process or steps that will entail cumulative support from family, friends, school and even the community where the teenager belongs. 

Yes, there is remedy. The earlier it is detected and the more willing the teenager to undergo rehabilitation, there is a big chance for reform and recovery. 

Acceptance on the teenagers’ personality, thoughts and relationships are already considered a big leap of success in trying to understand them.

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