Top 3 Tips From 2016 Chicago International Conference On Epilepsy And Treatment

April 22, 2019 Off By Dennis Rhodes

Dealing with someone who is suffering from epilepsy can be challenging and complicated, especially when the attacks happen continually. You will start to worry about your loved one who is suffering from this disorder. At times, it can even break your heart once you find out that his epilepsy is difficult to cure. I gained my knowledge and understanding of this disease when I attended the 2016 Chicago International Conference On Epilepsy And Treatment.




During the said conference, the speakers highlighted the role that friends and family members play when it comes to dealing with someone who has epilepsy. If you have a loved one who has this disorder, then make sure that you familiarize yourself with these tips:


Be Patient


As much as possible, learn how to show your patience and understanding when it comes to dealing with the other person who has epilepsy. Keep in mind that this individual has no control with his condition. Hence, do not blame him for what happens during the epileptic attacks.


Seek Professional Help


Do not forget that it is crucial to seek the right medical assistance when it comes to this matter. Take note that epilepsy can be dangerous when not appropriately attended. As such, be sure to accompany your loved one for regular medical checkups.




Act Like Everything Is Normal


Are you aware that people who suffer from illnesses and diseases fell uncomfortable once they start to feel that people’s focus and attention are all directed to them? Of course, they want to feel loved and cared, but they are not interested in becoming the subject of pity. Therefore, it is best if you will avoid magnifying his medical condition. Find a way to act cool about it.


With your love and support, a person with epilepsy can start to feel that everything is going to get better soon.