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Texting While Driving = Drunk Driving?


How to Legally Classify Texting While Driving

Accidents that are a result of someone texting while driving has the same outcomes as those that are a result of someone driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Why, then, do defendants not receive the same legal repercussions? This article examines the potential consequences of texting while driving and how the American law treats it.

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How to Deal with a Troubled Teen

When children reach the adolescent stage, they are prone to self-destructive behaviors as they become more desperate to show that they are in control by acting like they know everything despite their lack of experience. Their desire to fit in provokes them to do the unthinkable just to gain approval from their peers. During this stage is where they need the guidance of their parents the most.

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Ways Of Fraud And How To Prevent Becoming A Victim

With the never-ending improvement in technology, the strategy of thieves also evolved. Before robbery and theft are straightforward, some would pickpocket and grab your cash or cell phone then dash away. More desperate ones would use a deadly weapon to scare you. However, these past decades, the world has seen a digital form of theft.

A 2017 study conducted by Javelin Strategy and Research found out that roughly 15.4 million of US consumers are victims of identity theft in one way or another, with a total estimate of 16 billion money loss to identity theft. These figures are steadily increasing yearly. The most effective route in order not to find ourselves as a victim to the ever famous identity theft is in fact, learning about the different ways the fraudsters were able to retrieve personal information and ways to prevent such.


Generating misleading emails that manipulate people to type in their confidential information usually it is pretending to be from a legitimate bank, health institution, credit card company, etc.


The idea of the modus operandi is the same with phishing, but it is done through text messaging. This scam is becoming popular since more people are using their phones to access their bank accounts and credit cards. The text may resemble that of a financial institution asking for PIN number or email account password. Also, text messages might be sent as a personal message from someone to open their social media accounts. Upon clicking the URL, the software will retrieve your data.

Source: blog.nskinc.com


Hacking into wireless networks and installing spyware. Wardriving would allow access to IP addresses, used devices and devices activity including usernames, password, and personal information. 


It is a software installed by the hacker or a virus that records every keystroke done on a computer which can be utilized to gather data such as passwords, usernames, and social security information.


Installation of the devices in ATM and gas pump card slots that will store credit/debit card information.


Hackers target large corporations and businesses databases to pull out stored financial or personal information of their customers and clients.


  • Cover your keypad when entering your pin number in the ATM
  • Turn the card reader away from prying eyes
  • If someone seems too nosy or moves to close to you, leave and try accessing your account elsewhere.
  • Make sure that website where you enter your data information is a secure site. The address is in their URL https:// and http://. The “s” means that the site is safe and encrypted.
  • A secure site will have a closed padlock next to the domain name
  • Do not click on any attachments in emails with unknown senders
  • Utilize trusted browsers with phishing protection. This includes Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Edge.
  • Be cautious with sites that have a pop-up and annoying advertisement.
  • Be suspicious if someone is calling out of the blue and asks for your personal information.
  • Avoid any special promotions and offer that is for a limited time and requires you to give out pertinent information.
  • Check the email address from reputable companies. The domain name should be that of the corporation’s name.

If ever you have been a victim in any of these fraudulent activities and you need psychological support, possibly from a therapist online, is a good site that provides counseling services.…

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The Avoidant Personality Disorder: Know The Basics

I usually feel tense or nervous. I feel awkward or out of place in social situations. I won’t get involved with people until I’m certain they like me. I worry a lot that people may not like me. A lot of things seem dangerous to me that don’t bother most people. I keep to myself even when there are other people around.

If these realizations have been bothering you, then maybe you have avoidant personality disorder.…

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When Your Child Learns To Cheat And Lie

“Wow, that looks good on you.” I complimented my 18-year-old with her new outfit.

She bought a pair of tattered jeans and a hanging top. They call it “cropped” top now, but back in the eighties when I was a teenager; we called “hanging” blouse back then since you can see the belly button. I smiled a bit as I recalled my “young and free” days. And now I look at my daughter and I see myself in her.…

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When Your Child Is Aggressive And Hurts Others

My day was packed and busy. Deadlines at work were upon me, and even if I was exhausted, the stress I was experiencing was the “good” kind. I was being productive and being in my element made me happy. My son was doing well in daycare and hubby was fulfilled at work. I mean, everything was going great for our family. Or so I thought.…

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Punishment And Reward Systems In Juvenile Detention Facilities: Do They Really Work?


When teens are sent to juvenile detention, they are provided with a set of rules. These rules are required to be followed at all times or the juvenile will find themselves being punished in one of many different ways. Teens can have their privileges taken away from them for bad behavior, and rewards given accordingly for positive behavior, in much the same way as they could if they were at home, but these can be more serious when a youth is in a detention facility.…

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Is Juvenile Detention The Best Place For Truancy?

There are a number of different things that a youth can do to get themselves placed in juvenile detention. Anything that we consider a crime for an adult is considered illegal for the youth as well and can get them into one of these types of facilities. But there are a few things that are illegal for the youth but are not for adults. One of these is truancy. Because it’s illegal for the youth, they can be sent to juvenile detention for excessive truancy. But is a juvenile detention center really the best place?…

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Young Offenders Keep Getting Younger, And Here’s Why


Children have been getting into mischief pretty much since the dawn of time (or at least we can assume) but there’s a difference between normal mischief and actual criminal activity. Unfortunately, children are now getting involved in more and more criminal activity as well. What’s even more unfortunate is that the children who are doing these things seem to only get younger and younger every year, leading us to wonder, just what is happening to our youth? Can it be partly traced to being a youth without family, such as what is said here? http://www.mysanantonio.com/opinion/commentary/article/A-bridge-too-far-for-youth-leaving-foster-care-5108934.php/

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A Sound Advice For Teens On Lifestyle Change

Today, where everything seems to be within your reach and so much information is handled over the internet pathway, it is particularly a very hard life to live especially for those in the adolescent phase. Admit it. Not everyone, especially your parents, appreciates your dyed orange hair and the ripped jeans you bought at a steep price that has slashed your monthly allowance to its meager amount.  From your end, you can’t decipher if the looks that are shot your way when you walk in the room are all good or just the exact opposite. You tend to question yourself if you were born in the right decade!