December 20, 2017 Off By Dennis Rhodes

When Your Child Is Aggressive And Hurts Others

My day was packed and busy. Deadlines at work were upon me, and even if I was exhausted, the stress I was experiencing was the “good” kind. I was being productive and being in my element made me happy. My son was doing well in daycare and hubby was fulfilled at work. I mean, everything was going great for our family. Or so I thought.…

August 13, 2017 Off By Dennis Rhodes

Punishment And Reward Systems In Juvenile Detention Facilities: Do They Really Work?


When teens are sent to juvenile detention, they are provided with a set of rules. These rules are required to be followed at all times or the juvenile will find themselves being punished in one of many different ways. Teens can have their privileges taken away from them for bad behavior, and rewards given accordingly for positive behavior, in much the same way as they could if they were at home, but these can be more serious when a youth is in a detention facility.…

July 25, 2017 Off By Dennis Rhodes

Is Juvenile Detention The Best Place For Truancy?

There are a number of different things that a youth can do to get themselves placed in juvenile detention. Anything that we consider a crime for an adult is considered illegal for the youth as well and can get them into one of these types of facilities. But there are a few things that are illegal for the youth but are not for adults. One of these is truancy. Because it’s illegal for the youth, they can be sent to juvenile detention for excessive truancy. But is a juvenile detention center really the best place?…

July 24, 2017 Off By Dennis Rhodes

Young Offenders Keep Getting Younger, And Here’s Why


Children have been getting into mischief pretty much since the dawn of time (or at least we can assume) but there’s a difference between normal mischief and actual criminal activity. Unfortunately, children are now getting involved in more and more criminal activity as well. What’s even more unfortunate is that the children who are doing these things seem to only get younger and younger every year, leading us to wonder, just what is happening to our youth? Can it be partly traced to being a youth without family, such as what is said here?

July 21, 2017 Off By Dennis Rhodes

A Sound Advice For Teens On Lifestyle Change

Today, where everything seems to be within your reach and so much information is handled over the internet pathway, it is particularly a very hard life to live especially for those in the adolescent phase. Admit it. Not everyone, especially your parents, appreciates your dyed orange hair and the ripped jeans you bought at a steep price that has slashed your monthly allowance to its meager amount.  From your end, you can’t decipher if the looks that are shot your way when you walk in the room are all good or just the exact opposite. You tend to question yourself if you were born in the right decade!

July 20, 2017 Off By Dennis Rhodes

Reasons Behind Troubled Teens

It has come to our attention lately that several criminal behaviors like shooting incidents at school, which resulted in the taking of a lot of innocent lives, were made by troubled teens. This pattern of behavior starts to be unbecoming for teenagers nowadays that made us think and look for reasons behind the minds of troubled teens.

The adolescent period seems to be the most complex stage of development wherein the teenager finds him/herself in a crossroad struggling to find and confront his/her real self and at the same time establishing relationships with other peers. It is expected that many adolescents are emotionally labile. They often experience mood swings and without any apparent reasons would resort to rebellion or acting out behaviors.

July 19, 2017 Off By Dennis Rhodes

Teaching Our Youth In Juvenile Detention, What Are They Learning?


When you send a teenager to a juvenile detention center, it takes the place of everything in their life. They go to school in the facility, play, and do most of the things that a normal teenager would do like chores, right there in the same building. But what are they actually learning in that facility? Well, that depends on a number of things including the teens themselves, their school and the facility that they are in.…

July 18, 2017 Off By Dennis Rhodes

The Truth Behind Sending Youth To Juvenile Detention


When an adult commits a crime, we send them to a jail or prison. When a teenager commits a crime, however, we send them to their own version of jail called juvenile detention. This facility is tasked with the detention of a teen who has committed an act that he or she is legally not allowed to do. We expect that these facilities will help rehabilitate a youthful offender and lead them to a better path to avoid the same type of behavior in the future. But are they really doing that?…

July 17, 2017 Off By Dennis Rhodes

How To Help A Kleptomaniac

Have you imagined walking in the groceries with a family member or a loved one and suddenly you caught them stealing? Have you seen somebody who looked rich but they sneakily steal an item and didn’t pay for it? This is how kleptomaniacs behave. Kleptomania, also known as Klopemania, is defined as an impulse control disorder where the person has the inability to control or refrain himself from stealing items other than personal or financial gains. Most of these behaviors happen during late adolescent and young adulthood years, happening more in women than in men. The condition was highly sensationalized because some famous Hollywood stars were caught or known to be doing such behaviors.

July 2, 2017 Off By Dennis Rhodes

Life After Prison: Is There Hope?

Daniel (not his real name) is a 25-year-old drug dealer who served time and has been released to go back to the community. He stated that he has reformed and the process inside the prison has brought him to a realization that he wants his normal and peaceful life back. But the problem now is, he’s having some doubts if he will ever function and regain his normal life.…